Monday, September 29, 2008


Thanks sooo much to all of you who donated to Caleb and his school!!
It was a HUGE success and tons of fun too :)

The music teacher was amazing and hilarious!! He had the kids running, jumping, skipping, spinning, and going opposite directions... it was fun to be a part of !!

I will post some pics to show the moment!! :) (suprising i know!!!)
THANKS again for supporting my little man!!

C's best friend (the one in the red shirt) and his mom having a GREAT time running aroud!! She is sooo fun!!! :)
Each kid was allowed to go and get one snow cone (donations via Publix) Well actually Snow Cup :) After the kids would get theirs, they would still want to run! It was fun watching the kids try not to spill their icees but yet still run and jump and spin :) HILARIOUS!! Caleb actually tried to run and eat the Snow Cup at the same time :)
C had a substitute and so i was helping in the classroom more than helping with the walk a thon.. i really only got to help with the Kindergarteners and the First graders :) But unfortunately even though it is officially Fall~~ it was still SUPER hot!!
It was such a GREAT day~~ Thanks again for your donations :)

AN AMaZing BirthDAY Gift!!!

I have had an amazing Birthday this year.. it started off with MANY Derek Prince books from Crystals Cell group.. THANKS... WOOOHOOooo

and now from my cell comes my favorite perfume in the whole wide world!! *pictured below* It is an awesome smell... i have wanted this perfume for almost 3 years now :) YAY for BLESSINGS!!!

Thank you~ thank you~ Thank you: Babita, Vanessa, Crystal, Jamie, Lori, Courtney and Miranda!!!

The Willow Tree figurine at its side is from Lori... it symbolizes courage~ and is how my Blessing Lori sees me :) I imagine the figurine saying WOOHHHHOOOOOO... ;)

MY FAVORITE perfume in the whole wide world is now MINE!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


LIVING ON 5 ACRES CAN REALLY STRETCH A MAN... Last night in the middle of the night a SUPER loud noise caused me to JUMP out of my skin!!! Did the man beside me hear anything??? Um... no... It sounded like a FULL Shelf falling... I have put a number of shelves up in my days and unfortunately know that sound!! :) SOOOo i start to jump wondering if the kids are freaking!!
But then i saw my moms light go on..So she heard it too!! Kids were ok.. still sleeping! Whew!! That could have turned into a full bed!! So Jim checked outside.. nothing??
but alas.. in the morning light we discovered the noise Maker!! It was a tree~~ Falling onto Jim's TRUCK!! IRGH!!!!

Then later today... As jim is mowing the grass with our tractor.... Caleb is in the shower and is yelling for me... NOrmal i have to say~~ Usually means no towel :) But he shows me the water pressure is quickly subsiding (disapearing) into nothingness ... so i put on my faithful PINK crocs (yes... flourescent PINK crocs that caleb picked out for me) So i go out and flag jim down and tell him... water pressure down... We both know what that means...
Ran over a pipe!! :) so now it is almost 10 and My Burly Man is out in the yard... flashlight.. trying to bring us some water!!

The worst part is ... if he can't fix it... Where is he sleeping?? HE IS FILTHY!!!! :)
Must be doing somethin' right!! :) :)
God is good!!!

Cooking with Mommy...

Well, for the last couple of days... whenever Aubs is around me :) (which has not been too much lately with the birth of the Awesome Baby Chiam!!!).. she has been asking to help cook!! :)
SO i decided tonight is the night.. so while her and her big brother were at Gymnastics~~we went to WalMart from some much needed food... and baking items..

ANYWHOOOooooOOO we decided to make some fruit and yogurt for dinner. Aubrey donning her favorite Apron from Memaw Sellers and I in mine :) (Thanks Memaw~we love them) I helped aubrey cut the strawberry tops off, and then she cut the rest. Along with all the bananas and the apples. I LOVE her little pampered chef kids knife!! She can't cut herself but can cut the food. It also teaches her how to cutcorrectly, because it has to be used correctly to actually cut anything ;)

With the fruit cut and yogurt in its container, we went on to the Heart of Palm salad.. SOOOO YUMMY!!! She cut the cukes and i cut the tomatoes and palm...

I thought that might be enough... But i was wrong!! HAhahahaha After dinner she wanted to make some blueberry muffins or cookies. We opted for the muffins.. She is soooo great at cleaning up afterwards too... i love it..

She really did most of it herself!! Except for putting in the eggs, and pouring the milk, she wanted to do it all. Trying to keep the right proportions in the muffin cups was a concept not for a 3 year old!! She wanted to just fill it to the top. As you can see from some of the pics below... she went a little overboard. We had some left over batter, so we decided to make some mini muffins. Target had a sale on 2 mini muffin Wilton pans for $1.25!!!! Good price and was perfect for our small portion of leftover batter!! YAY!!!

Waiting the whole 15 minutes for them to cook seemed like an ETERNITY!!! Both for me and for the little one asking every 30 seconds.. are they done?? Can i eat them now? Oh my goodness~~ I had to start laughing :) Can you imagine if we made a CAKE??? OY!!
I had to take out the mini muffins before i thought of taking a pic of the ones in the stove :)

Caleb was not interested in the least in the cooking, but when he began smelling the muffins baking his nose perked up... :) He decided next time we made them he wanted to help! :) He definately helped us eat them, which i have to say is odd. He usually will not eat anything cake like~~ very much like his daddy!!

Finally.... the prize at the end of the day!!!
Do you notice the lack of teeth in C's mouth :) Such a goof too :) Aubrey does not mind posing for the camera in the LEAST!!! :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Birthday Weekend...

God is good..
We got a GREAT DEAL!!! Thanks MB!!
For my birthday Eve dinner... we went to a seafood restaurant on the water.. So pretty... Of course i had some pics of me with the kids!! :) then we drove around and saw some AMAZING homes!! Some people have boats bigger than our house (with moms part added) it was beautiful and crazy at the same time!! ;)

The kids had a blast at the pool and beach.. Doesn't she look~~ well NOT 3?? This is her Not gonna smile look :) hahahah then she craacks up!!

Can you see Caleb at the top of the slide... i think he could live in the water!! :0) His favorite hero right now is Aquaman!! :) Go figure~~

I seriously took about 7 baths... there was a beautiful Bathtub in the master bedroom~~ NEAR the tv.. with AWESOME law and order!!
SOOO much fun/ and i was able to read some good books!!

THEN i got home.. and was going to go to bed.. and Freedom called with WATER BROKEN.. so i went to the hospital.. There is just NOT a better experience!! Freedom did amazing!!! and Gabe was a Rock~~ what a good daddy!!!
GOD is sooooo amazing!! Watching a baby be born is so .... can't even think of a word!!

WOW... Wow!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Shack
Have you heard of this book?? Read this book?? It is amazing!! I was not able to put it down.. i went to Chapter 7 before I was able to go to bed... I had to find out!! :) It is a GREAT story of Fiction that i wish was REAL!!! Leave a comment if you have read it.. if you haven't... you should buy one or borrow mine!! :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I know some of the most beautiful pregnant women in the world!!! :) There is an amazing growth in our church~~ With babies AND new people!! About 8 women in our church are prego~~ and they do it soooo well.. it is so fun being a photographer and having pretty people with pretty bellies ;)

You have already seen Freedoms fun and gorgeousness in pictures... Look in august blogs...

SO soon i will have some pics of these girls... and their bellies.. and then their babies!!
God is soooooo Good!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ok.. Blog number 3 for the night!!

Ok.. so i have gotten stuck on the searching~~ Blog running i would call it... i have found some seriously cute STUFF!!!! Just some info ;) Here is one thing i like...

~~~~and one more.. ;)

...Ipod, Music and a little dancin'

THIS WAS HILARIOUS.. The kids were wired!! and we decided to turn on some music, and let them dance.. i have some videos but don't know how to upload them from an actual video camera!! :) The top is Aubrey's new dance move~~ Quite funny and amazing at the same time.. She would also sing and make up her own songs!!
The boys were having a "walking on hands contest" Caleb was convinced daddy one because he was bigger!! :) Caleb just scurried across the ground~~ and J actually walked :) SOOOo funny!!
I love mi familia!!!

Caleb is GROWING UP!!!

This is proof!!! OK.. so the pictures are not that great~~ but i lent out my camera to Courtney for her trip to Scotland!! A Sellers School can NOT go to SCOTLAND without a camera!!! That would be CRAZY!!! and just WRONG!!! So now that Caleb has lost his first tooth.. He knows he is growing up :)
It wasy quite funny... i kept telling him NOT to lose that tooth before his Modeling Photo shoot this sunday.. He has a loose tooth on top too~~ But that one seems to not be so loose!! So hopefully he will have all his top teeth for the pictures ;)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Awesome web site for Kids games...

I love this website... or at least i love this game... Aubrey and some of her friends may get this for Christmas...

A woman worth following...

A wonderful woman...
A MIGHTY warrior...
A true righteous woman...
A woman who lived life..
the way life was supposed to be lived!!
A glorious reunion with her maker...
We will miss her
We love her...
and we will follow her example...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Fun at the Park...

We decided Labor Day would be more fun if we actually left the house ;) SOOOoooo we headed up to the park with the kids bikes and walked/rode around!! A is almost at the point where we can take off the training wheels... and C is getting much better at riding on grass~~ which is a good thing where we live :) hahahhahhaha
The park is sooo nice... A's birthday party there is coming soon!!! They love the park and C gets soooo sweaty-- and A gets SOOOO pink and flushed :) I love it!!! Jim jumped on Caleb's bike and the kids had a blast chasing them~ I don't know if you have ever rode a child's bike .. but when you can't sit down.. WOW>>> MAN it burns the legs!!!

Then we saw Marcus and Erika and their beautiful boys-- walked over to watch the soccer team and saw Sandy and Matt --some old friends... stayed awhile... then went to Wendy's so the little ones could eat :) and then to Wal-Mart for a couple more office supplies!! :) YAY for new business..

Enjoy the pics.. and of course more will be on

Nana's Bday

For mom/Nana's birthday we took her to Olive Garden for dinner-- a little early because of J's one meal :)

The food was Fabulous of course and the kids had a good time :)
Not sure if this is a hug or a Neck Choke :) hahahahaha... Nana sure does put up with it though ;)