Monday, September 29, 2008


Thanks sooo much to all of you who donated to Caleb and his school!!
It was a HUGE success and tons of fun too :)

The music teacher was amazing and hilarious!! He had the kids running, jumping, skipping, spinning, and going opposite directions... it was fun to be a part of !!

I will post some pics to show the moment!! :) (suprising i know!!!)
THANKS again for supporting my little man!!

C's best friend (the one in the red shirt) and his mom having a GREAT time running aroud!! She is sooo fun!!! :)
Each kid was allowed to go and get one snow cone (donations via Publix) Well actually Snow Cup :) After the kids would get theirs, they would still want to run! It was fun watching the kids try not to spill their icees but yet still run and jump and spin :) HILARIOUS!! Caleb actually tried to run and eat the Snow Cup at the same time :)
C had a substitute and so i was helping in the classroom more than helping with the walk a thon.. i really only got to help with the Kindergarteners and the First graders :) But unfortunately even though it is officially Fall~~ it was still SUPER hot!!
It was such a GREAT day~~ Thanks again for your donations :)

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