Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Brandons Bday~

Awesome Cookie Cake with Animals~~ By Mom Elaine~~~SOOO much more than cousins~~ In Calebs opinion they are his brothers, not cousins. Especially because they both love God and that makes them brothers!! :)

This year i was very out of it.. And my poor nephew paid the price. I know he looks devestated doesn't he!! :) ahhhhaha

Tooth out, with medication means I could not drive and get him a Birthday present!! Which i doubt he cares, but IRGH!!! Still was not able to go out and Jim picked it up today for him!! So sad! I love shopping for family!! Christmas is coming though!!
I did take some cutie patootie pictures of him...

I love my Nephews~~ and wish i could spoil them more!!!
I love the Pic of him laughing~~ he is such a HAM!! and enjoys being in front of a crowd!! I loved watching him open his gifts~~ He totals enjoys it!!

The moments outside with Elaine and Aubs was hilarious!!! The bubbles and soaps everywhere... and ryan and aubs.. Funny and SOOO cute together!!! How much fun is family!?? God sure knew what he was doing!! :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I have to say I Love our church more and more!! I have an amazing Family, but i see how God has really given me more true friends and relationships than I could have ever dreamed of!!! and for that i am TRULY honored and grateful!!
Rio Chiam's namesake was in town.. so his dedication was Sunday!! He is SOOO precious!! I have a couple of pics of his amazing Dedication~~
More to be posted by Mommy when she gets the pictures... i will tease her with a couple of these... More awesomeness to come!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cool informative bit....

I am passing this along from one of my favorite web blogs:

Damaged Disney DVDs
This past week, I spent time in two households with kids, watching their beloved DVDs with them. Unfortunately, in both families, the kids had worn out the DVDs and certain parts of the movies simply would not play.It reminded me about Disney's DVD replacement program. I know that I've mentioned it before, but that was just in passing. I figured I'd spell out all the details to you, just in case any of you are ever interested in watching Cars from beginning to end again, without having to skip past the scratched scenes. I found the following on Disney's DVD Technical Support page: If you accidentally damage or break one of your Disney DVDs, you can get a replacement disc for a nominal charge of $6.95. Please mail in your damaged DVD (along with DVD case and full packaging), a Check or Money order for $6.95 (made payable to WDHE), along with your Contact Information (Name, Address, and Phone Number) to: Replacement Program PO Box 3100 Neenah, WI 54957-3100. I thought that it was free before. I guess that is way too good to be true, but $7 isn't terrible. And remember, you can use this on DVDs that are in the Disney Vault, too.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Actual BirthDAY for Aubs...

AUBREY is now officially 4~~ WoW!!!
We started off our day with your typical where is my favorite little girls smile?? I love waking her up and trying to get a giggle out of her~~ this morning was quite easy as she remembered it was her birthday!! BUT 4 year olds don't always understand the whole "birthday" vs. "birthday party"... we had some hilarious conversations! As did Caleb wanting her to understand!!

First we went to cell and had some new playdoh's to play with Mrs. D~~ and aubs got her birthday gift from Mama Crystal **I doubt she will leave her kitchen tomorrow with all the fun cooking utensils and plates!! **

Then we had to go to my Oral Surgeon appt... not so fun for her but i took her to Target after to return some duplicates and bought a Disney Princess Coloring Kit-- like her cousin RyRy's she said!!! :)
(PS-- those two kids are so cute together)

Then we went to Walmart to get some serious groceries. She saw the Nail Salon and wanted to get her nails painted** YAY for being like her mommy!! :)**
so yes .. she has Pink Nails...

I love this pic!! :)

Then we came home and decided to let her Fancy Nancy Balloon sail off into Never Never Land... but alas~~ when you live in a forest--- not so easy to accomplish!! :) It got stuck in a tree so we (meaning Jim) spent 10 minutes or so trying to hit it with a rock or whatever we could find on the ground>> the kids wanted to help too but i was worried about our cars :) with their all over the place aim.. BUT IT finally wiggled away (mostly by the wind~~Jim says from the rocks fllying nearish the balloon :) hahahahhahahaha

After all the fun :) Caleb and i played some Wii (star wars-- so addicting) after that... dinner then we finally had some serious cookie making time!

We had some AmAzing family time with some RIDICULOUS MESS!!! Have you ever made cookies with a 6 and 4 year old ;) hahahahahahah

*at WM i bought a box of 100 cookie cutters** I doubt i will ever need anymore again!! My little one was SOOOO excited!!!

Each kid picked their faves and we went to work~~

Jim helped them make the cookies while I made the icing.. Which for the first time came out fabulously!!! Yay for WILTON recipes :)
SooooOOo much fun!!!
i will spend tomorrow cleaning the kitchen~ but she is so fun to cook with!!! I also LOVE her outfit from Aunt Elaine and the family~~ which i have to say i am sure SHE picked out!! YAY for great clothes!!!
I am SOOO blessed by God for my family and what He has created in my life!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY little one...

WOW!! We sure have a loved little girl.. I will let the pictures do most of the talking, but she could not WAIT for the day to come to celebrate her b-day :) SHE has spent ALL DAY today playing with babies, play doh, and "cooking"
This was a Fancy Nancy Birthday party!! :) Not everyone had heard of Fancy Nancy but Aubrey was informative~~ well really mommy and daddy were :) So here is an idea of Fancy! It was LOADS of fun!! Target was able to take one of the gift bags i bought and turn it into a cake.. they were amazing at the decorating!!! Everything was pink and purple~~ Pink and Purple go so well together!!! :) :)

We also had a pinata... aubrey kept talking about the thingy at C's Party where all the candy fell out~~ took me a little while to figure out what the heck she was talking about!!!

Daddy took some time before the cake and presents to speak blessings over Aubrey and prayed abundance over her!! He is such a good daddy!! Whose finger is tightly wound by a blonde haired, blue eyed cutie!!
SHE LOVES her Ella~~ and was convinced that all the tiara's were for her!! :) Ella loves aubs too by the way :) They are friends for life!!
Jim has the camera so i don't have many pictures from today, but i will post some soon!!! :) Thanks so much to all who came out!! We LOVE YOU!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

FUn @ School

** The FUN of being a KID!!!!**

I LOVE C's school!!

C's Teacher is soo fun... I love that she teaches and does not just "manage" the classroom! She really is a remarkable teacher.. We have been very blessed at this school!! Today they went outside for some Physical Excercise~~ They played a Cookie/Cookie Monster tag game... C wanted to be caught and help be the MONSTER!! :) SO fun.. SO great getting the kids out of the classroom to exert some energy...

So much fun...
it was hot outside, but not so hot you couldn't stand it...
After fun time~ we went inside and Teacher read the class a book called Fancy Nancy (our little ones favorite at the moment)~~ so she put on her "Fancy" Glasses... It was awesome ;) and hilarious at the same time... She is so real with them and fun~~ She was not too thrilled i pulled out the camera... ;)