Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Actual BirthDAY for Aubs...

AUBREY is now officially 4~~ WoW!!!
We started off our day with your typical where is my favorite little girls smile?? I love waking her up and trying to get a giggle out of her~~ this morning was quite easy as she remembered it was her birthday!! BUT 4 year olds don't always understand the whole "birthday" vs. "birthday party"... we had some hilarious conversations! As did Caleb wanting her to understand!!

First we went to cell and had some new playdoh's to play with Mrs. D~~ and aubs got her birthday gift from Mama Crystal **I doubt she will leave her kitchen tomorrow with all the fun cooking utensils and plates!! **

Then we had to go to my Oral Surgeon appt... not so fun for her but i took her to Target after to return some duplicates and bought a Disney Princess Coloring Kit-- like her cousin RyRy's she said!!! :)
(PS-- those two kids are so cute together)

Then we went to Walmart to get some serious groceries. She saw the Nail Salon and wanted to get her nails painted** YAY for being like her mommy!! :)**
so yes .. she has Pink Nails...

I love this pic!! :)

Then we came home and decided to let her Fancy Nancy Balloon sail off into Never Never Land... but alas~~ when you live in a forest--- not so easy to accomplish!! :) It got stuck in a tree so we (meaning Jim) spent 10 minutes or so trying to hit it with a rock or whatever we could find on the ground>> the kids wanted to help too but i was worried about our cars :) with their all over the place aim.. BUT IT finally wiggled away (mostly by the wind~~Jim says from the rocks fllying nearish the balloon :) hahahahhahahaha

After all the fun :) Caleb and i played some Wii (star wars-- so addicting) after that... dinner then we finally had some serious cookie making time!

We had some AmAzing family time with some RIDICULOUS MESS!!! Have you ever made cookies with a 6 and 4 year old ;) hahahahahahah

*at WM i bought a box of 100 cookie cutters** I doubt i will ever need anymore again!! My little one was SOOOO excited!!!

Each kid picked their faves and we went to work~~

Jim helped them make the cookies while I made the icing.. Which for the first time came out fabulously!!! Yay for WILTON recipes :)
SooooOOo much fun!!!
i will spend tomorrow cleaning the kitchen~ but she is so fun to cook with!!! I also LOVE her outfit from Aunt Elaine and the family~~ which i have to say i am sure SHE picked out!! YAY for great clothes!!!
I am SOOO blessed by God for my family and what He has created in my life!!

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elaine said...

love the outfit!!! soooo cute!
give that girl a big hug from
aunt elaine:)