Saturday, August 30, 2008

New office...

We are working on our new Business office :) SO exciting!!! We have used alot of things we already had.. even the paint :) and filing stuff :) YAY for thrifty-ness :)

God is so good and growing all of Jim's business'!! Jason and Jimmy are starting the contracting business very soon (License in the mail) and the Back To Burly is being launched next week!! Check out -- it still has some "pages" to add.. but wow!! AWESOME!!

Our first event is called Bow and Blast... :) we are one of like 4 vendors... and already have Amazing Plans for next year... cast and blast... i know GO figure.. jimmy and jason~~ and fishing :)

Just a little nugget to share with you :)
Hope to hear from ya!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Baby Rowan...and A

YAY for surprise meetings... Hubby and i dropped someone of at Pete's to work on the addition... and i got to see Baby Rowan!! Mom is doing AMAZING of course!! She was just finishing washing her hair!! Looks great too!!

I am not too sure who was more excited about the baby: me or Aubs...

Rowans brother was not so interested... I was holding Rowan and she started to cry and he looked at me like- What are you doing... give her to mommy!! It was sooo cute!!

Aubs, the little mommy, was sooo thrilled to get to hold her... i was more nervous than Rowans mommy... so i kept my hands there ;)

SOOOO cute!!!
Can't relay enough how much of a baby lover Aubs is.. she stops dead in her tracks when we are in stores with random people :)
sooo FUNNY

Hubby got a chance to see Rowan for the first time.. I love the picture :)

School Days...

~~~ What a weird start to the first week of school!! The first day of school was Monday, then off for Tuesday and Wednesday because of Storm Faye~~ and went to school on Thursday... then OFF AGAIN on Friday!! IT was BIZARRE!!! I am sooo glad C wasn't in Kindergarten!! that would have been a little more difficult!! A is soooo convinced she should be in school too.. she does her "homework" too when he does his :)

On the teacher meetup we were asked to fill out some paperwork. On it, it asked for one thing the teacher should know about the boy-- SO i asked him... His response (insert tears here) was that well mom... of course-- I love GOd!! Is that not just precious!!

He has a GREAT new teacher named Mrs.P. She is SUPER organized and full of amazing ideas.. She asked me to be the homeroom mom... (because i ws there every day offering to help) :) hahahahahahaha

Found out that Randa Bears little cousin is in class with C!! :) so fun!! He has no students from last year in his class-- except one little girl!! it is crazy how they switch them around!! He is doing well though-- reading to us each night...

He is a GREAT little boy!! :)

and i love him soooo dearly..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Long Expected and Awaited Baby Rowan

I was able to visit today the hospital which held the presence of beautiful Baby Rowan (FINALLY) YAY!!! Aubrey was extremely upset she was not allowed to join me to go see her baby Rowan :) which, by the way, she has colored some serious Princess pages for her ;) hahahah She makes me giggle...
ANYWAYS, Baby Rowan Z Brunton is here and is BEAUTIFUL!! I got to hold her, change her, and take her on her first photo shoot!! SOME SUPER fun pics with her Aunt Sarah and later on Aunt Bla Bla~~ IT really was alot of fun~~ I wish i could do this for a living-- helping new moms with their babies :) and taking super fun pics!! Well i do have the opportunity to do the picture part~~ and maybe.. just maybe with all these babies being born i will be able to help alot more!! :) WOOOHhhHHHoooo

It is such a blessing and honor to be a part of taking family pictures and those precious moments that we look back on for a lifetime! I think that is why i like doing weddings and babies.. and well just taking pics ;)
God is sooo good!! I can not imagine having a better family myself-- or better friends to share these moments with! He has blessed me beyond measure-- and i must proclaim that as often as i can!!
I do not have photoshop so these are not edited-- except for some in black and white :) so bear with the rawness of them :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

THE fun of MAC!!

I am in love with MAC..

My great pal- Susan- let me take her laptop home so i have spent some serious time editing and playing!!!

Here is some of the fun!!!

Disney Vacay

Well it is finally come and gone.. :) :( Our Family vacation to a Disney Hotel!! Our pals for life, Free and Gabe, were able to get us some accomodations at an affordable price!! :) YAY for employees!!! :)

SO first of all.. i start tearing up at check-in... I know silly.. but i was never able to do things like this as a child- and i am really able to see the "lids" coming off of our lives... SO on to the FUN!!

The Pool had a slide.. that was amazing!!!

Did some Super fun pics of Free and Baby Boy-- who.. GABE NEEDS to decide on his name!! :) hahahaha

Swam more...


Went to the a character breakfast at the Beach club-- where all the little ones got to meet Minnie Mouse, Chip N Dale, and Goofy.. so fun.. The kids all look like they belong to the same family.. Still find that funny!!!

We started in animal kingdom and LOVED the safari!! It was amazing and not too hot yet...

Then we went to Epcot- so Aubrey could have lunch with Princesses!! IT was hilarious to watch her get all shy!! Caleb too.. he was NOT so interested.. His comment was... Where is the beast?? Can we go ride Soarin'?

Then off to play in Tomorrowland!!! It really was a FABULOUS.. but OH MY LAND was it hot.. Caleb now looks even more like he belongs to some other country!!! :)

More to come....

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Caleb's Baseball Camp

Caleb LOVED his baseball camp.. i believe this may be the only camp he has ever gone to-- i need to branch him out!! :)
Anywhoooo-- He was sooo great out there. We were very proud of him

Getting his Shirt from Coach
I brought him lunch so he first (of course) scarfed down the Doritos... He is definately
A Sellers!! :)

Aubrey said she wants to play next year.. there was one girl out there so you never know!!