Thursday, August 7, 2008

Disney Vacay

Well it is finally come and gone.. :) :( Our Family vacation to a Disney Hotel!! Our pals for life, Free and Gabe, were able to get us some accomodations at an affordable price!! :) YAY for employees!!! :)

SO first of all.. i start tearing up at check-in... I know silly.. but i was never able to do things like this as a child- and i am really able to see the "lids" coming off of our lives... SO on to the FUN!!

The Pool had a slide.. that was amazing!!!

Did some Super fun pics of Free and Baby Boy-- who.. GABE NEEDS to decide on his name!! :) hahahaha

Swam more...


Went to the a character breakfast at the Beach club-- where all the little ones got to meet Minnie Mouse, Chip N Dale, and Goofy.. so fun.. The kids all look like they belong to the same family.. Still find that funny!!!

We started in animal kingdom and LOVED the safari!! It was amazing and not too hot yet...

Then we went to Epcot- so Aubrey could have lunch with Princesses!! IT was hilarious to watch her get all shy!! Caleb too.. he was NOT so interested.. His comment was... Where is the beast?? Can we go ride Soarin'?

Then off to play in Tomorrowland!!! It really was a FABULOUS.. but OH MY LAND was it hot.. Caleb now looks even more like he belongs to some other country!!! :)

More to come....

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