Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I am sooo in love... <3

I am so in love with my God and all that He has given me.. WOW.. even the little things that would only really matter to me~~ He takes care of:For instance... Today my wee little one had to get circumsized~ With Caleb they took care of that in the hospital and we had this amazing Doc.. Doctor Sovan... who I swear circ'd him in the HALLWAY.. it was so fast and C came back asleep!! it was crazy!! Anywhooo... we went to Sy's first appt and scheduled his Circ~ We requested Dr. S but it would have taken a month to get with him... BOOO.. so we decided to just keep him with his Apopka office pediatrician... So today... i bet you can see what is coming.. :) Dr. Belton (an amazing pediatrician we have been with for 7 + years) and she was out of the office! at first i was like NOOOOO.. i don't want the Nurse practitioner circ-ing him... no offense.. but i was already nervous for him. But guess who walks in~~ DR. S... i was in awe of God's provision!!! Seriously!!!
2nd-ly C's teacher this year... We have prayed that God would give us the right teacher for him while he is in public school... I know God cares about the little things as his teacher this year~~ CHRISTIAN woman... whom i taught her daughter in 4th grade about 8 years ago!!! So amazing... And aubs little preschool is at a church!~~~ WOW..3rdly... i have an amazing Husband who offers to do the 4 am feeding!!!!! and so much more... i have 3 amazing children who are healthy and a pure delight~~~~ i have 2 amazing cell groups that have supported me and fed the entire family during this adjustment to baby time AND super duper friends who are just there for me~~ One being Denise... who knew i cut milk out of my diet and brought me CALCIUM OJ and snacks for midnight time to help me and my feeding time!!! She spoils me... WWOOOOWWW.. How blessed am I~~~ i just get teary eyed thinking of how much i love my life~~ and no.. it is not just sleep deprivation.. the tears may be :) hahaha I love my super fam!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


I have to say :) which annoys the poo out of jim~~ but i would SOOO do this again!! I love being a mom!! The labor was tough during the transition times... but delivery was good~ One push and he was out!! ;) much more to the story of course but.... that will come later!! :) Just a note to say How Much God has blessed me!! I am in such awe of his love for me and protection.. My husband is amazing and blesses me each day with help personally and Well he just loves being a dad and that is hard to find!! Pics are on Facebook.. will come to Fotki soon.. may have a password for awhile.. but just ask :) would love to give it to those who want to see the mass amounts of pics ;) hahahah

Thanks for all who are helping my recovery and plan on ;) feeding us!!LOVE MY LIFE!!! ok.. i am adding one pic

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Final Week before a new normal....!!

Went to doctors yesterday and discovered still at 1 cm... which to me is awesome~~ but i guess my cervix is needing a little bit of help :)
So we are heading to hospital on Thursday evening and going to begin the process of induction with some Cervidil... anyone ever had that??? hmmmm.. anyways.. we are planning the baby to be born Thursday night which would be SOOO fast.. but more like Friday morning.. Prayers of course welcome!! (would love it) and hoping for some ability to walk around during induction.. not just sitting there!! Hmmmm

Thanks for checking on us.. more to come soon!! :) lots to do.. house to clean and kids to pack!! :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

update on Baby S

I went to see Doc today :) I love going to see if there is any progress.. as you may know~~ I have never been dialated going into the hospital~~ so i am hoping now that this little guy is head down we will start seeing some progress..
I am still quite posterior but the cervix is soft and MAYBE a 1/2 a centimeter dialated~~ she may have just been being nice!! :)
I am so thankful to God for turning this baby and allowing me to have my own miracle before he was even born!! Now for miracle number 2~~ dialation !~

Thanks for caring and for the prayers..
ALSO.. my amazing sister in law has her final day of chemo today and will now be recooperating 100%... We celebrate her birthday this week and I am honored to have her in my life!!

I have work to do to catch up to the uploading needing to be done on fotki :) but they are coming~~

Keep praying God reveals the correct name for our little Miracle guy!! Thanks... we are honored to be parents again and have the honor of naming him for life!! OIY!!!