Monday, August 17, 2009


I have to say :) which annoys the poo out of jim~~ but i would SOOO do this again!! I love being a mom!! The labor was tough during the transition times... but delivery was good~ One push and he was out!! ;) much more to the story of course but.... that will come later!! :) Just a note to say How Much God has blessed me!! I am in such awe of his love for me and protection.. My husband is amazing and blesses me each day with help personally and Well he just loves being a dad and that is hard to find!! Pics are on Facebook.. will come to Fotki soon.. may have a password for awhile.. but just ask :) would love to give it to those who want to see the mass amounts of pics ;) hahahah

Thanks for all who are helping my recovery and plan on ;) feeding us!!LOVE MY LIFE!!! ok.. i am adding one pic

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