Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I am sooo in love... <3

I am so in love with my God and all that He has given me.. WOW.. even the little things that would only really matter to me~~ He takes care of:For instance... Today my wee little one had to get circumsized~ With Caleb they took care of that in the hospital and we had this amazing Doc.. Doctor Sovan... who I swear circ'd him in the HALLWAY.. it was so fast and C came back asleep!! it was crazy!! Anywhooo... we went to Sy's first appt and scheduled his Circ~ We requested Dr. S but it would have taken a month to get with him... BOOO.. so we decided to just keep him with his Apopka office pediatrician... So today... i bet you can see what is coming.. :) Dr. Belton (an amazing pediatrician we have been with for 7 + years) and she was out of the office! at first i was like NOOOOO.. i don't want the Nurse practitioner circ-ing him... no offense.. but i was already nervous for him. But guess who walks in~~ DR. S... i was in awe of God's provision!!! Seriously!!!
2nd-ly C's teacher this year... We have prayed that God would give us the right teacher for him while he is in public school... I know God cares about the little things as his teacher this year~~ CHRISTIAN woman... whom i taught her daughter in 4th grade about 8 years ago!!! So amazing... And aubs little preschool is at a church!~~~ WOW..3rdly... i have an amazing Husband who offers to do the 4 am feeding!!!!! and so much more... i have 3 amazing children who are healthy and a pure delight~~~~ i have 2 amazing cell groups that have supported me and fed the entire family during this adjustment to baby time AND super duper friends who are just there for me~~ One being Denise... who knew i cut milk out of my diet and brought me CALCIUM OJ and snacks for midnight time to help me and my feeding time!!! She spoils me... WWOOOOWWW.. How blessed am I~~~ i just get teary eyed thinking of how much i love my life~~ and no.. it is not just sleep deprivation.. the tears may be :) hahaha I love my super fam!!!

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