Thursday, May 20, 2010

My kiddos ~~ growing up!!

It has been forever since i have blogged~~ i don't know why!!!?? JUST KIDDING.. three kiddos is .. well a whole new world is what i like to say! although i would not have it any other way!! ... except maybe another??? JK!!!
Caleb is such an amazing son! He is a straight A student with no real effort! He loves to read also~ a couple of books he has completed are Jurassic Park, Chronicles of Narnia, and his favorite is the Bible in Comic book form. He is definitely above average when it comes to reading and learning. I can not wait to see what he tests out at the end of the year! He is also about to embark on the orthodontist world. He will be Seeing Dr.Principe in Mt. Dora~~ who interestingly enough did Mema's Sellers braces, Jimmy's braces, and now Caleb. He will be getting a Palette expander (ick and ouch) and braces on the same day! He is somewhat excited and i am glad it is during the summer vacay as his speech will be somewhat altered for a time!Aubrey is the best little gal EVER!! :) She is sooo full of life and energy it is hard to keep up! She definitely has daddy wrapped around her wee finger!! :) She loves her brothers and LOVEs to color/draw/ and create artistic papers... lots of cutting papers involved and STICKERS!! :) She is finishing up preschool and can't wait for summer to dance with sarah at the church dance studio! She embarked on her first team sports these last couple months. Soccer has been fun and HOT!! she definitely enjoys it and has caught on quite well!!Josiah is a ball of laughter and joy! He is always smiling... well if he is well fed and dry.. :) if not.. well he gets a little whine going on. He has mastered the art of crawling and thinks he should be walking... already a couple bruises to the head from chairs he has pulled up on.. and then let go to stand :)... i was hoping to hit 10 months before walking~ but i am thinking nope!! :) We enjoy him very much and count ourselves blessed to have such amazing children.
God has put an amazing love in me for family and to see what we have growing up in our home makes my heart leap for joy!!
~~ looking forward to an awesome summer~~
Things to come: New photography business, need a name!! and new financial freedom by the crazy amount of work from Jimbo!!!!

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