Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas will NOT sneak by...

2015 is quickly approaching, but not before I enjoy every moment of 2014 Christmas season.  we have been super busy at work~ which has been awesome~ but we are now ready for a little down time!
We have returned from an amazing Thanksgiving Holiday with the Sellers family, preceded by a rain filled laughter photo moment and great LeBlanc celebration.

I love and cherish these times with family beyond expressible words! I am a Tradition Junkie, and proud to be!

Tonight we picked up our Christmas tree and this is the night that Evie the Elf always shows up. In true fashion, she showed up at the door around 8:45 and was still cold from the North Pole!
Gotta love friends with Freezers!! :) I enjoy watching the fun, awe, and happiness of this season!!

I choose to fully Embrace this Season of Love, Life, and much laughter!! Join me!!
 The ever present watch dog ;) Burly~ trying to figure out why we took a perfectly good bathroom area INSIDE the house :)

Journal of photos below :)