Wednesday, July 29, 2009

.. ok.. so an amazing story in my humble opinion!!

A little bit long~~ but amazing none the less...
Our little baby boy, unfortunately still nameless~ sorry, has been breech for quite awhile. :( little stinker!!! So i started having contractions friday night about every 4 minutes, not painful per se .. just regular for about 2 hours. I did fall asleep and just prayed they would subside :) Which they did. I did not want to call the answering service at 2 a.m :) So Saturday morning i decided to go ahead and call the office (answering system) and just see what i was supposed to look for. YES this is my 3rd baby and i should know~~ but i guess having his foot pushing on my cervix is concerning once dialation starts...

So anywhoooo I get this Dr. i had seen once before named Dr. Breit. He listens and gives me some advice and then asks if they had tried to turn him yet. I said no, one of the other docs had said because of his position my chances were slimmer than average (which the other doc basically said best to just schedule the Csection and go from there as he was so low and foot right in my cervix)... so Dr.B says.. let's get you in on Monday early and set up a version for this week. (~some info on versions)
So jim was up early on Monday and put a call in for us to the Doctors office!! :) They couldn't get me in to the hospital for the version until Wed. but he wanted to go ahead and see me and check my cervix and all that hooplah!! :) so Nana kept the kids... and with advising from one of my BF's Joy~ i brought my packed bags :)

So we get there and Dr.B says.. alright lets see what we have. So I laid down on the table and he started feeling my abdomen right under my left rib and said.. There he is!! There's the head. and he proceeded to comment on how big he felt, how much he liked the position he was in... at this time Jim and Dr.B started talking about HEALTH CARE REFORM!! :) OIY!!! if you know jimbo... par for the course :) hahhahahah :O) So he continues Probing and i begin to think.. ok you have the kids head... why are you still pressing~ because now it is hurting and i am thinking what a little wimp i am :) hahahahahha. So as i focus on not letting out little blurps of OUCH, he decides to check the cervix.. all this has been maybe 2-3 minutes??!! at the most.. long minutes in my opinion. :) hahaha
He says let's get a quick sonogram and we will discuss from there. He tries to do the sonogram himself as he knows we are self pay~ but can't get the machine to work :) Quite humorous... So he leads us down the hall to the sonogram tech and tells us she'll have to do it. We are thinking he wants to get the position of the feet for Wed. version. Jim asks him if there are any risks with versions.. and he says if the baby doesn't like it~~ and doesn't respond well you tend to have to do a Csection~~ then states~~ "although i have never had that happen" I was so taken by his confidence i was at FULL PEACE about doing the version!!
So we get into the sonogram tech.. we waited a couple of minutes.. Doc walked in just as she was putting the wand on my pelvic bone and...
THERE WAS THE HEAD!!!!!!!! He said ok great.. he's head down.. could you check the heart... as i am SCREAMING Praise THE LORD!!! he just has a humble smile... and i was like WHEN DID YOU do that?? HOW did you do that? he replied calmly.. while we were chatting (and i was trying not to yelp)
I was in total AWE!!! He tells me to cancel our scheduled version and csection! :) WHAT???!!!!!!! crazy!!! i was flabbergasted!!! Seriously.. our next 3 weeks of life changed instantly!! I looked at him again... and was like HOW did you do that.. that is amazing!!!
SOOOO needless to say~~ i have a slightly bruised belly, and a head down boy!! WOW!!! God is soooo good and now i can start praying for a dialated cervix.. which has never happened at home before :) !!!! Hhahhaah :)
Thanks soooo much for all the prayers and love!! I am still in awe of my God and the timing and the amazing-ness of Dr. Breit~ a humble Doctor who changed my birth story and saved me some serious money too...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The baby room is coming along!! :)

Well now that we know baby could be coming soon... If he doesn't flip head down :( soooo....i have decided to finish the baby room.. it is not quite finished but close.. i made my list of final things :) We decided to use the monkey pattern from the bedding to decorate the room~ the green from aubreys room was pretty close to the green, but was off just enough to look.. well odd! So my friend Denise and I decided we should paint the bottom part of the room dark brown to pull the green a little away from the bedding. IT WORKED... it looks so much better now.. then crazy me decided i wanted some kind of stripe!! :) Thanks again to Denise and Jimmy for the lines.. we made stripes... although with such textured walls i had some serious touchup to do!! Thank you to my Cell girlies who bought all the bedding!! I LOVE IT...
As you can see in his closet is my FAVORITE diaper bag ever!! and the AWESOME toybox from Susan and Carrols' and some awesome clothing that was Calebs and some new ones!! :) Also in there is the AWESOME co-sleeper that my pal Crys B is lending me~~ and her breast pump :) hahahahha You can also see in the closet the AMAZING number of diapers Mema Sellers bought and my favorite pair of shoes for him... LIttle baby crocs!! I love them... We are pretty much set~~ besides a couple small things... and well A NAME for our final Legend of Sellers!! We are excited to meet him!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Update on Mom :)

This is probably the best way to update everyone on the full story of Mom this week.. :)
Saturday night Early Sunday morning we sent her by ambulance to the hospital for some hernia issues... They ended up doing emergency surgery on 2 hernias, but they did not like how her heart looked.. still working on getting all previous reports up to date
By Sunday evening she began having some hallucintations... so the nurses took her off of her pain meds and she seemed to get better...
Same story of sorts each day.. Moments of restraining her arms to keep her from pulling out her IV's and tubes... which she has been doing quite often... due to hallucinations
pain is not an issue for her at the time...
Keeping her IV's and stuff in is... ;)
Please continue to pray as her blood pressure is high and she is needing to be monitored pretty regularly for the hallucinations and blood pressure...
thanks again.. if you have any specific questions or would like to visit please send me an email at