Thursday, June 26, 2008

Actual Gymnastics class

These classes are soooo NEAT!! I wish they had them for adults- or i had done this as a child would be better :) I am not so limber anymore...
This is them stretching :)

... they stretch forever!! :) Which i guess is good routine for them!

Caleb's back handspring in the making...

Aubrey LOVES the trampoline... She does well jumping backwards too :)

Caleb jumps SOOO is amazing to watch kids catch on to their potential and skills and learn new things :)

Thanks granddaddy!!!

The Kids and their summer stuff!!!

I have been working quite a bit this summer and have had to make some arrangements for the kids.. Which they have thoroughly enjoyed!! The first thing was Dance class-- Yes, Caleb was in Dance class!! They did gymnastics too.. They had a small production on the last day and Caleb had a very small part....

He held these for the girls... and then sat down!! HE was hilarious.. You can tell by the face he was THRILLED :)... hahahahahah

Then they did gymnastics like stuff..

Caleb loves the round tube-- he loves jumping over it on both sides and then jumping backwards and more!! I LAUGH so hard when he gets stuck on top-- neither feet nor hands can touch!! :) hhahahahaha

Aubrey's gymnastics talent ;) hahahah

She loves her "Dancing Sarah" who is now with Child!! YAY!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Father's Day

Can you see the excitement on her face about showing her daddy the picture she made him :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Aubs ideas....

My little one was totally enthralled with "Aunt Jen" doing Nana's hair! It was so funny... Aubrey ran over here to have me come take pictures... which i did.. and we laughed.. it was fun!!!

Aubrey's little laugh was definately contagious!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Interesting things in our yard...

I will be working a TON this summer, so Jim and I have spent our days redoing and well... just doing... some things around the house that NEED to be done!!
painting the mud room... and bathroom... ALL the doors in the house have only been primed :) so we painted them WHITE!! YAAY!! NOw we have to paint all the trim... LOTS to do!!

One of the first things i found.. was this wonderful spider in the back yard.. :) I HATE SPIDERS!! But what can you do??!! I have also noticed that the spiders in the house... eat roaches!! i haven't seen a roach in our house in Years!! :) YAY!!

Ok.. back to painting.. IRGH...

more pics soon!!