Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Kids and their summer stuff!!!

I have been working quite a bit this summer and have had to make some arrangements for the kids.. Which they have thoroughly enjoyed!! The first thing was Dance class-- Yes, Caleb was in Dance class!! They did gymnastics too.. They had a small production on the last day and Caleb had a very small part....

He held these for the girls... and then sat down!! HE was hilarious.. You can tell by the face he was THRILLED :)... hahahahahah

Then they did gymnastics like stuff..

Caleb loves the round tube-- he loves jumping over it on both sides and then jumping backwards and more!! I LAUGH so hard when he gets stuck on top-- neither feet nor hands can touch!! :) hhahahahaha

Aubrey's gymnastics talent ;) hahahah

She loves her "Dancing Sarah" who is now with Child!! YAY!!!!

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