Saturday, May 31, 2008

Susan ROCKS!!

My Employer Susan allowed me to borrow her Laptop and photoshop!! i love it!! i have forgot alot of the techniques.. but remembered a couple.. for this one.. i obviously just made it a picture i can share :) since she had no shirt on :)

She is SOOOO Fun!!!

I love this shot.. YOu might see this on a canvas in my house someday :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I Loved our weekend.. I know there are a ton of pictures, and of course no one is surprised! Friday night I rode up with the kids and Mema... We got there and got settled (well a little) in the condo and then went to the pool... The kids just couldn't wait!! As we are there- Jim and Pops came back to the condo with our DINNER!! :) The guys cleaned the fish and then joined us in the pool- and then ate some YUMMY din din!! We relaxed and played and had an AMAZING family time!! Pops and Jim and Caleb met up early Sat. morning with Jason, James, and Brandon to go fishing!! Mema, Elaine, and I stayed at the beach and pool with the wee ones :)

SUCH a great weekend...!!

More to come!!!

Saturday.. Weekend Moments!!

Caleb's Very first 20 mile off shore fishing trip. He caught his first fish -kingfish- and he had a BLAST!! He is definately his father's son.. and his grandfathers boy!!

Uncle Jason and Brandon... with the long fought Jack!! and then... they threw it back!!

These two-- Aubrey and Ryan-- are hilarious!! They play together AMAZINGLY and had a blast just sitting in the water and running from the water!! Such cuties!!

Aubrey loves her Aunt Elaine-- She couldn't get enough! Ryan had to fight to get in there :)

An Amazing Weekend.. The beginning- Friday night!

How cute is my boy???

I love this picture.. How much does Aubrey love her Mema!! :) They are having a blast in the pool while we wait for the Men to come home with dinner!!!

... And then the men came home with dinner!! It was soooo yummy...

This picture will definately be on my wall... It looks like he is just a praising the Lord and running off into the sunset!!

LOVE IT!!! Mom Sellers and her silliness!! LOVE IT

As i was trying to get a pic of aubrey.. she decided to be silly! I know- surprise- surprise!! There are about 10 pictures in a row of her silliness

This is what happens when Sellers kids feet hit the sand!! They love the beach!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bear's Graduation

YES.. Our Gal did it.. She is a UCF graduate!!!!
It was quite a long performance.. but we loved every minute!!!
God is good!! and we are soo proud...
Ok.. so can you figure out.. that i figured out how to add a picture ;)

FUn Shots...

I LOVE this shot of married people... The "almost kiss" this is not yet photoshopped.. so the final result will be even more AMAZING!!!

I think this one is HILARIOUS!! She knows what she is doing doesn't she!! WOW!! Such FUN!!

Some of the Best women in the WORLD!! I love them all!!


I am so excited about this weekend.. I LOVE the beach (when there is a pool) and i love being with my family!! Jim's mom and dad are coming with us on Friday/ and Jay-Elaine and the boys will be there on Saturday.. I am not sure how i got Caleb in bed tonight.. If he sleeps past 7 i would be surprised!! :)
I hope to get some good time frames for pictures for people who want beach shots.. and also some more great family shots!!!
I will be working a TON at visual cuisines ( for the summer... I love the job but not the long hours!! SO much experience too :)

Hope all is well...
More soon
Have to pack!!