Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I Loved our weekend.. I know there are a ton of pictures, and of course no one is surprised! Friday night I rode up with the kids and Mema... We got there and got settled (well a little) in the condo and then went to the pool... The kids just couldn't wait!! As we are there- Jim and Pops came back to the condo with our DINNER!! :) The guys cleaned the fish and then joined us in the pool- and then ate some YUMMY din din!! We relaxed and played and had an AMAZING family time!! Pops and Jim and Caleb met up early Sat. morning with Jason, James, and Brandon to go fishing!! Mema, Elaine, and I stayed at the beach and pool with the wee ones :)

SUCH a great weekend...!!

More to come!!!


Woodard Gang said...

love the picture of caleb but i also adore this pic of aubrey...her hair is to die for!! looks like you guys had a great time!

Elaine said...

makes me want to come give her a big hug and a kiss!!!! she is just so darn BEAUTIFUL!!! hug her for me!