Friday, August 24, 2012

Why oh Why??

Why oh why do funerals have such an effect on perspective?
Why can I not be this grateful for the life God has given me more often?
This is only a small token of my heart... :) So much to say.. so little space :) and seriously.. who would read it all!! ??  :)

With that I compose...

I love that my heart is not my own, that it belongs to my Father to guard and keep.

I love my Family. I would obviously not have the life i have without these families!!
    Dad- for giving me his humor. Well some people think i am funny!! :) and for loving me like a daughter needs his father to love her.
    Mom- for creating a passion for prayer and a heart to help people... and for loving the cold :)
    Patti- for being a sister, so many people can't say they have one... and teaching me all i know about Kraft Mac-n-cheese.. and having awesome offspring
    David- For being a chatterbox like me, I love it!! So glad you had the financial ability to adopt. I see
that as the heart of God--adoption! And I love Ellie!!!
    Rich- For being a constant.. yes i know.. a constant what is the true question.. ahahhaahh I truly have
    grown to love our chats and crazy phone conversations. Thanks for always having my back!

I Love My Inlaws and extended family

  I never really knew what a Mema & Grandaddy were... but i would not trade them for the world!! some things i have noticed i have discovered via Sellers family times~~ I would NOT know what nimitoads *nematodes* are, how to shell a pea, make a pound cake, have a freezer soup bowl, and one of my faves-- how to fold fitted sheets perfectly!! :)Along with this family i have some amazing cousins~ whom my little ones LOVE and can't wait to spend the rest of their lives with-- along with a great Aunt and Uncle!! Who just ROCK IT!! Especially the voices on those two! :)

I love my church
   Seriously... this section could go on and on and on and on.. with the droves of people who are stamped on my heart...
but I will keep it to my Pastors,
    My leaders, My God given family. I know without a shadow of doubt that I am the woman i am today due to the love care, concern, bluntness *yes thankful* and protectiveness of Pastor Mark and Crystal!
    The protection you gave when I didn't even know I needed it, the leading, the love, the prayers, and most of all the unconditional acceptance of me with all my failures, mothering *ahahhaahah*, and quirkiness!! :)

And Lastly but certainly not least is my Husband and kids..
    When i think of the man that stands at my side~ I am beyond thankful. I am not sure how we came together, how we came to be, how i won his heart~ but HECK YES am I sooo glad to be his wife. I have never met another man so gracious, so steady, so capable, so likable, and so true... and just think~ He's Mine! :) well i do have to share him with 3 amazing little people, which to my delight, resemble him so.
My Eldest Beautiful Caleb-- My own Ravi Z. My little miracle. My first born of which will have his moms heart FOREVER.. but i will learn to share.. :) in 15 years or so :) ahhahahahaha
My daughter Aubrey~ her dancing feet, her love of life, her beauty and heart for others... my own little Mother Theresa that i know will impact nations!!!! I adore her with a full heart and big smile...
My baby boy Josiah~~ Lover of life and all that it entails.. shared bday with Tim Tebow-- A boy with a strength and intelligence that is sometimes scary!! :) he is sooo like his father in stature and strength. I can not wait to see what he becomes!!!

This is just a small portion of my heart today.. as we say goodbye to a man who loved God first, his family, and God's creation.
May I always remember how precious my life is....
As always stated

I LOVE MY LIFE!! :) :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dancing in the early days!!

HAD to post these beauties :) hahahahah
don't know how to get actual link here, but when reminiscing (like earlier post stated) i found these beauties :)

The dancing started early!! :)

Not many videos of Caleb.. he runs away... CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! :)
it may take a couple days :) Be Ready!! :)

Josiah and guitar

A walk down memory lane...

 First day of school today was awesome!! (For Everyone)
First.. I had the day off and got to play mommy and photographer :) which they love the second part :) hahaha..
Second... kids love their school and their teachers look amazing!!!
Third... I got nostalgic
I decided to print all their first day of pictures and put in an album, but i could NOT find last years picture. I am pretty detailed in my storing of photos.. so i had to find them! Finally found them, but not without some laughs and tears...
I have not had the perfect life, or been the perfect  mom or wife or friend or disciple, but I LOVE my life and am so thankful for those things called forgiveness.. For Me! From Me! From the Cross!
ANYWHOOO :) pics below starting with Aubrey in PreK and Caleb in 2nd :)


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Us? Disney? No way... :)

Each year for Josiahs birthday we have found ourselves on  a Mini Staycation to the Disney Resorts. His birthday falls right before school starts and gives us a good reason to spend some time together before our schedule (or lack of) changes! :)
So a mini breakdown of our fun.. We went to MK on Thursday to start off the vacay... SOOO hot, but got to spend some awesome time with LZ and took some great pics!  We did not stay too long, but went back to Pop Century hotel and played in the pool... I got the privilege of talking and chatting with my newly found... friend, sister, inspiration.. LZ ~~ SOO refreshing! The cost of the pizza we ate on site was totally doable BTW!! :) Rain came so we went inside and watched some Olympics!! We really had a great start to the day.. and with our passes we could come and go as we like!! SOOO AWESOME!!
More to come but as you can see I would much rather journal via pictures!! :) So here we GOOO!!!
My girl.. and our most visited ride... The bathroom :) :) we should do a documentary on the best Disney bathroom decor!! :)
I JUST adore this picture.. He is a wee warrior!! :)
My memories of dad and the Orange Bird.. No Tshirt or ears yet though.. I WILL find them!! :)
SY, not to sure what to do with this :)

My goofy bday boy
Right outside our lunch area.. a puppeteer allowed the kids to try their hand :)
Again, Sy not sure how to handle our funnyness :) 

The new Dumbo ride was AWESOME.. next blog.. :)