Monday, August 20, 2012

A walk down memory lane...

 First day of school today was awesome!! (For Everyone)
First.. I had the day off and got to play mommy and photographer :) which they love the second part :) hahaha..
Second... kids love their school and their teachers look amazing!!!
Third... I got nostalgic
I decided to print all their first day of pictures and put in an album, but i could NOT find last years picture. I am pretty detailed in my storing of photos.. so i had to find them! Finally found them, but not without some laughs and tears...
I have not had the perfect life, or been the perfect  mom or wife or friend or disciple, but I LOVE my life and am so thankful for those things called forgiveness.. For Me! From Me! From the Cross!
ANYWHOOO :) pics below starting with Aubrey in PreK and Caleb in 2nd :)


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