Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Us? Disney? No way... :)

Each year for Josiahs birthday we have found ourselves on  a Mini Staycation to the Disney Resorts. His birthday falls right before school starts and gives us a good reason to spend some time together before our schedule (or lack of) changes! :)
So a mini breakdown of our fun.. We went to MK on Thursday to start off the vacay... SOOO hot, but got to spend some awesome time with LZ and took some great pics!  We did not stay too long, but went back to Pop Century hotel and played in the pool... I got the privilege of talking and chatting with my newly found... friend, sister, inspiration.. LZ ~~ SOO refreshing! The cost of the pizza we ate on site was totally doable BTW!! :) Rain came so we went inside and watched some Olympics!! We really had a great start to the day.. and with our passes we could come and go as we like!! SOOO AWESOME!!
More to come but as you can see I would much rather journal via pictures!! :) So here we GOOO!!!
My girl.. and our most visited ride... The bathroom :) :) we should do a documentary on the best Disney bathroom decor!! :)
I JUST adore this picture.. He is a wee warrior!! :)
My memories of dad and the Orange Bird.. No Tshirt or ears yet though.. I WILL find them!! :)
SY, not to sure what to do with this :)

My goofy bday boy
Right outside our lunch area.. a puppeteer allowed the kids to try their hand :)
Again, Sy not sure how to handle our funnyness :) 

The new Dumbo ride was AWESOME.. next blog.. :)

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