Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sellers Family Vacay 2012

I have wanted to write this blog all week, but I have discovered i am more of a Photojournalistic blogger than a word blogger!! I could not make it work until i returned home to look at my pictures! :) hahahah

We visited Longboat Key for our vacation, with Mom and Pop Sellers. SOOO many great things accomplished...
1-- read a book (3 actually)
2-- slept past 6:30 (kind of)
3-- NO WORK.. except catching up with emails and some research
4-- PLAYED with my kiddos-- favorite part
5-- Fished :) LOOOOVE being on the water, in the boat, fishing from shore.. all of it
6-- ATE great... Mema knows how to pack and prepare food for a vacay!!
7-- i could go on and on and on...

We had such a great time!! So thankful for moments like these.. where it is nothing but family and fun and most importantly Memory Making (with pics to match of course) :)

... more pictures to come possibly.. :)

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