Friday, August 24, 2012

Why oh Why??

Why oh why do funerals have such an effect on perspective?
Why can I not be this grateful for the life God has given me more often?
This is only a small token of my heart... :) So much to say.. so little space :) and seriously.. who would read it all!! ??  :)

With that I compose...

I love that my heart is not my own, that it belongs to my Father to guard and keep.

I love my Family. I would obviously not have the life i have without these families!!
    Dad- for giving me his humor. Well some people think i am funny!! :) and for loving me like a daughter needs his father to love her.
    Mom- for creating a passion for prayer and a heart to help people... and for loving the cold :)
    Patti- for being a sister, so many people can't say they have one... and teaching me all i know about Kraft Mac-n-cheese.. and having awesome offspring
    David- For being a chatterbox like me, I love it!! So glad you had the financial ability to adopt. I see
that as the heart of God--adoption! And I love Ellie!!!
    Rich- For being a constant.. yes i know.. a constant what is the true question.. ahahhaahh I truly have
    grown to love our chats and crazy phone conversations. Thanks for always having my back!

I Love My Inlaws and extended family

  I never really knew what a Mema & Grandaddy were... but i would not trade them for the world!! some things i have noticed i have discovered via Sellers family times~~ I would NOT know what nimitoads *nematodes* are, how to shell a pea, make a pound cake, have a freezer soup bowl, and one of my faves-- how to fold fitted sheets perfectly!! :)Along with this family i have some amazing cousins~ whom my little ones LOVE and can't wait to spend the rest of their lives with-- along with a great Aunt and Uncle!! Who just ROCK IT!! Especially the voices on those two! :)

I love my church
   Seriously... this section could go on and on and on and on.. with the droves of people who are stamped on my heart...
but I will keep it to my Pastors,
    My leaders, My God given family. I know without a shadow of doubt that I am the woman i am today due to the love care, concern, bluntness *yes thankful* and protectiveness of Pastor Mark and Crystal!
    The protection you gave when I didn't even know I needed it, the leading, the love, the prayers, and most of all the unconditional acceptance of me with all my failures, mothering *ahahhaahah*, and quirkiness!! :)

And Lastly but certainly not least is my Husband and kids..
    When i think of the man that stands at my side~ I am beyond thankful. I am not sure how we came together, how we came to be, how i won his heart~ but HECK YES am I sooo glad to be his wife. I have never met another man so gracious, so steady, so capable, so likable, and so true... and just think~ He's Mine! :) well i do have to share him with 3 amazing little people, which to my delight, resemble him so.
My Eldest Beautiful Caleb-- My own Ravi Z. My little miracle. My first born of which will have his moms heart FOREVER.. but i will learn to share.. :) in 15 years or so :) ahhahahahaha
My daughter Aubrey~ her dancing feet, her love of life, her beauty and heart for others... my own little Mother Theresa that i know will impact nations!!!! I adore her with a full heart and big smile...
My baby boy Josiah~~ Lover of life and all that it entails.. shared bday with Tim Tebow-- A boy with a strength and intelligence that is sometimes scary!! :) he is sooo like his father in stature and strength. I can not wait to see what he becomes!!!

This is just a small portion of my heart today.. as we say goodbye to a man who loved God first, his family, and God's creation.
May I always remember how precious my life is....
As always stated

I LOVE MY LIFE!! :) :)

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