Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Update on Mom :)

This is probably the best way to update everyone on the full story of Mom this week.. :)
Saturday night Early Sunday morning we sent her by ambulance to the hospital for some hernia issues... They ended up doing emergency surgery on 2 hernias, but they did not like how her heart looked.. still working on getting all previous reports up to date
By Sunday evening she began having some hallucintations... so the nurses took her off of her pain meds and she seemed to get better...
Same story of sorts each day.. Moments of restraining her arms to keep her from pulling out her IV's and tubes... which she has been doing quite often... due to hallucinations
pain is not an issue for her at the time...
Keeping her IV's and stuff in is... ;)
Please continue to pray as her blood pressure is high and she is needing to be monitored pretty regularly for the hallucinations and blood pressure...
thanks again.. if you have any specific questions or would like to visit please send me an email at

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