Tuesday, August 4, 2009

update on Baby S

I went to see Doc today :) I love going to see if there is any progress.. as you may know~~ I have never been dialated going into the hospital~~ so i am hoping now that this little guy is head down we will start seeing some progress..
I am still quite posterior but the cervix is soft and MAYBE a 1/2 a centimeter dialated~~ she may have just been being nice!! :)
I am so thankful to God for turning this baby and allowing me to have my own miracle before he was even born!! Now for miracle number 2~~ dialation !~

Thanks for caring and for the prayers..
ALSO.. my amazing sister in law has her final day of chemo today and will now be recooperating 100%... We celebrate her birthday this week and I am honored to have her in my life!!

I have work to do to catch up to the uploading needing to be done on fotki :) but they are coming~~

Keep praying God reveals the correct name for our little Miracle guy!! Thanks... we are honored to be parents again and have the honor of naming him for life!! OIY!!!

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