Friday, August 29, 2008

School Days...

~~~ What a weird start to the first week of school!! The first day of school was Monday, then off for Tuesday and Wednesday because of Storm Faye~~ and went to school on Thursday... then OFF AGAIN on Friday!! IT was BIZARRE!!! I am sooo glad C wasn't in Kindergarten!! that would have been a little more difficult!! A is soooo convinced she should be in school too.. she does her "homework" too when he does his :)

On the teacher meetup we were asked to fill out some paperwork. On it, it asked for one thing the teacher should know about the boy-- SO i asked him... His response (insert tears here) was that well mom... of course-- I love GOd!! Is that not just precious!!

He has a GREAT new teacher named Mrs.P. She is SUPER organized and full of amazing ideas.. She asked me to be the homeroom mom... (because i ws there every day offering to help) :) hahahahahahaha

Found out that Randa Bears little cousin is in class with C!! :) so fun!! He has no students from last year in his class-- except one little girl!! it is crazy how they switch them around!! He is doing well though-- reading to us each night...

He is a GREAT little boy!! :)

and i love him soooo dearly..

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