Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Long Expected and Awaited Baby Rowan

I was able to visit today the hospital which held the presence of beautiful Baby Rowan (FINALLY) YAY!!! Aubrey was extremely upset she was not allowed to join me to go see her baby Rowan :) which, by the way, she has colored some serious Princess pages for her ;) hahahah She makes me giggle...
ANYWAYS, Baby Rowan Z Brunton is here and is BEAUTIFUL!! I got to hold her, change her, and take her on her first photo shoot!! SOME SUPER fun pics with her Aunt Sarah and later on Aunt Bla Bla~~ IT really was alot of fun~~ I wish i could do this for a living-- helping new moms with their babies :) and taking super fun pics!! Well i do have the opportunity to do the picture part~~ and maybe.. just maybe with all these babies being born i will be able to help alot more!! :) WOOOHhhHHHoooo

It is such a blessing and honor to be a part of taking family pictures and those precious moments that we look back on for a lifetime! I think that is why i like doing weddings and babies.. and well just taking pics ;)
God is sooo good!! I can not imagine having a better family myself-- or better friends to share these moments with! He has blessed me beyond measure-- and i must proclaim that as often as i can!!
I do not have photoshop so these are not edited-- except for some in black and white :) so bear with the rawness of them :)

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andBABYmakesFOUR said...

Gorgeous Christine! Really, you have developed ayour hobby into a craft- and you will do it for a living!
BTW, we need to discuss my birth...