Friday, August 29, 2008

Baby Rowan...and A

YAY for surprise meetings... Hubby and i dropped someone of at Pete's to work on the addition... and i got to see Baby Rowan!! Mom is doing AMAZING of course!! She was just finishing washing her hair!! Looks great too!!

I am not too sure who was more excited about the baby: me or Aubs...

Rowans brother was not so interested... I was holding Rowan and she started to cry and he looked at me like- What are you doing... give her to mommy!! It was sooo cute!!

Aubs, the little mommy, was sooo thrilled to get to hold her... i was more nervous than Rowans mommy... so i kept my hands there ;)

SOOOO cute!!!
Can't relay enough how much of a baby lover Aubs is.. she stops dead in her tracks when we are in stores with random people :)
sooo FUNNY

Hubby got a chance to see Rowan for the first time.. I love the picture :)

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HipHome said...

Love the look of your blog! So good to hear from you too. How are you? We are good. Way busy, but good. We hope to come down for a visit around Thanksgiving time. I'll keep you posted on that. We'd love to see you guys. We miss everyone down there so much.