Saturday, August 30, 2008

New office...

We are working on our new Business office :) SO exciting!!! We have used alot of things we already had.. even the paint :) and filing stuff :) YAY for thrifty-ness :)

God is so good and growing all of Jim's business'!! Jason and Jimmy are starting the contracting business very soon (License in the mail) and the Back To Burly is being launched next week!! Check out -- it still has some "pages" to add.. but wow!! AWESOME!!

Our first event is called Bow and Blast... :) we are one of like 4 vendors... and already have Amazing Plans for next year... cast and blast... i know GO figure.. jimmy and jason~~ and fishing :)

Just a little nugget to share with you :)
Hope to hear from ya!!

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HipHome said...

ok so give me the full update on what the business stuff is you guys do. I am totally out of the loop!!!