Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Brandons Bday~

Awesome Cookie Cake with Animals~~ By Mom Elaine~~~SOOO much more than cousins~~ In Calebs opinion they are his brothers, not cousins. Especially because they both love God and that makes them brothers!! :)

This year i was very out of it.. And my poor nephew paid the price. I know he looks devestated doesn't he!! :) ahhhhaha

Tooth out, with medication means I could not drive and get him a Birthday present!! Which i doubt he cares, but IRGH!!! Still was not able to go out and Jim picked it up today for him!! So sad! I love shopping for family!! Christmas is coming though!!
I did take some cutie patootie pictures of him...

I love my Nephews~~ and wish i could spoil them more!!!
I love the Pic of him laughing~~ he is such a HAM!! and enjoys being in front of a crowd!! I loved watching him open his gifts~~ He totals enjoys it!!

The moments outside with Elaine and Aubs was hilarious!!! The bubbles and soaps everywhere... and ryan and aubs.. Funny and SOOO cute together!!! How much fun is family!?? God sure knew what he was doing!! :)


Sarah Woodworth said...

Wow.. Your pictures are great and I am so happy that Aubrey's birthday (and Brandon's) went well. You guys look like you're doing good. I am glad!! :0)
I'm looking forward to seeing you all,
P.S. Thank you for your comment a while ago on my seldomly updated blog.

Woodard Gang said...

Great pics...looks like he had a great birthday!