Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hangin with my Peeps!!

WHAT a great weekend!!! :) My cell and I went to a hotel at Disney and spent Saturday at the Epcot food and wine festival... We had a blast.. what a FANTASTIC group of WOMEN!!

There are a ton of pictures (especially of ella) but here are some!! The crew in front of the ball... and little ella too :) I am kind of wondering if carrying ella gave me a sore neck! Probably not.. may just be all the walking around... or laying in bed watching TV... it is fun having Cable~~ although i am not sure i would get anything done if we had it here at the house :)
The Fireworks were the BOMB!! hahahahahah!!! Seriously~ they were awesome!! I took a ton of pictures but not all came out!! Some are awesome, but i couldn't put all of them up... check out fotki!! :) www.fotki.com/legendofsellers
Most of the group went back to the hotel, and Jill, Vanessa, and I stayed for the 9:00 Fworks... we had a pretty good spot and played a "famous people" naming game to pass the time!! It is pretty fun!! Me and V... I love that chick!!! and sweet ella... she does smile when i have her too :) by the way~~~ :) she loves me...
More pics on fotki!!! :) Check 'em out!!!

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