Monday, September 29, 2008

AN AMaZing BirthDAY Gift!!!

I have had an amazing Birthday this year.. it started off with MANY Derek Prince books from Crystals Cell group.. THANKS... WOOOHOOooo

and now from my cell comes my favorite perfume in the whole wide world!! *pictured below* It is an awesome smell... i have wanted this perfume for almost 3 years now :) YAY for BLESSINGS!!!

Thank you~ thank you~ Thank you: Babita, Vanessa, Crystal, Jamie, Lori, Courtney and Miranda!!!

The Willow Tree figurine at its side is from Lori... it symbolizes courage~ and is how my Blessing Lori sees me :) I imagine the figurine saying WOOHHHHOOOOOO... ;)

MY FAVORITE perfume in the whole wide world is now MINE!!!

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