Wednesday, September 24, 2008


LIVING ON 5 ACRES CAN REALLY STRETCH A MAN... Last night in the middle of the night a SUPER loud noise caused me to JUMP out of my skin!!! Did the man beside me hear anything??? Um... no... It sounded like a FULL Shelf falling... I have put a number of shelves up in my days and unfortunately know that sound!! :) SOOOo i start to jump wondering if the kids are freaking!!
But then i saw my moms light go on..So she heard it too!! Kids were ok.. still sleeping! Whew!! That could have turned into a full bed!! So Jim checked outside.. nothing??
but alas.. in the morning light we discovered the noise Maker!! It was a tree~~ Falling onto Jim's TRUCK!! IRGH!!!!

Then later today... As jim is mowing the grass with our tractor.... Caleb is in the shower and is yelling for me... NOrmal i have to say~~ Usually means no towel :) But he shows me the water pressure is quickly subsiding (disapearing) into nothingness ... so i put on my faithful PINK crocs (yes... flourescent PINK crocs that caleb picked out for me) So i go out and flag jim down and tell him... water pressure down... We both know what that means...
Ran over a pipe!! :) so now it is almost 10 and My Burly Man is out in the yard... flashlight.. trying to bring us some water!!

The worst part is ... if he can't fix it... Where is he sleeping?? HE IS FILTHY!!!! :)
Must be doing somethin' right!! :) :)
God is good!!!


Aslinn said...

Oh my gosh! What in the world?!?!

elaine said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When and how do you fix that!!
call me!

Woodard Gang said...

Awww...what a mess! Sorry all that happened! friend Dana might be calling you for family pictures :o) I gave her your #...