Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cooking with Mommy...

Well, for the last couple of days... whenever Aubs is around me :) (which has not been too much lately with the birth of the Awesome Baby Chiam!!!).. she has been asking to help cook!! :)
SO i decided tonight is the night.. so while her and her big brother were at Gymnastics~~we went to WalMart from some much needed food... and baking items..

ANYWHOOOooooOOO we decided to make some fruit and yogurt for dinner. Aubrey donning her favorite Apron from Memaw Sellers and I in mine :) (Thanks Memaw~we love them) I helped aubrey cut the strawberry tops off, and then she cut the rest. Along with all the bananas and the apples. I LOVE her little pampered chef kids knife!! She can't cut herself but can cut the food. It also teaches her how to cutcorrectly, because it has to be used correctly to actually cut anything ;)

With the fruit cut and yogurt in its container, we went on to the Heart of Palm salad.. SOOOO YUMMY!!! She cut the cukes and i cut the tomatoes and palm...

I thought that might be enough... But i was wrong!! HAhahahaha After dinner she wanted to make some blueberry muffins or cookies. We opted for the muffins.. She is soooo great at cleaning up afterwards too... i love it..

She really did most of it herself!! Except for putting in the eggs, and pouring the milk, she wanted to do it all. Trying to keep the right proportions in the muffin cups was a concept not for a 3 year old!! She wanted to just fill it to the top. As you can see from some of the pics below... she went a little overboard. We had some left over batter, so we decided to make some mini muffins. Target had a sale on 2 mini muffin Wilton pans for $1.25!!!! Good price and was perfect for our small portion of leftover batter!! YAY!!!

Waiting the whole 15 minutes for them to cook seemed like an ETERNITY!!! Both for me and for the little one asking every 30 seconds.. are they done?? Can i eat them now? Oh my goodness~~ I had to start laughing :) Can you imagine if we made a CAKE??? OY!!
I had to take out the mini muffins before i thought of taking a pic of the ones in the stove :)

Caleb was not interested in the least in the cooking, but when he began smelling the muffins baking his nose perked up... :) He decided next time we made them he wanted to help! :) He definately helped us eat them, which i have to say is odd. He usually will not eat anything cake like~~ very much like his daddy!!

Finally.... the prize at the end of the day!!!
Do you notice the lack of teeth in C's mouth :) Such a goof too :) Aubrey does not mind posing for the camera in the LEAST!!! :)


Jen said...

I love Aubs so much... Tell here save me a muffin :)

Woodard Gang said...

Morgan loves to cook too! One afternoon she took it upon herself to make corn muffins! Lovin her being 10 :o) Love the aprons by the way...I want one!