Monday, September 22, 2008

My Birthday Weekend...

God is good..
We got a GREAT DEAL!!! Thanks MB!!
For my birthday Eve dinner... we went to a seafood restaurant on the water.. So pretty... Of course i had some pics of me with the kids!! :) then we drove around and saw some AMAZING homes!! Some people have boats bigger than our house (with moms part added) it was beautiful and crazy at the same time!! ;)

The kids had a blast at the pool and beach.. Doesn't she look~~ well NOT 3?? This is her Not gonna smile look :) hahahah then she craacks up!!

Can you see Caleb at the top of the slide... i think he could live in the water!! :0) His favorite hero right now is Aquaman!! :) Go figure~~

I seriously took about 7 baths... there was a beautiful Bathtub in the master bedroom~~ NEAR the tv.. with AWESOME law and order!!
SOOO much fun/ and i was able to read some good books!!

THEN i got home.. and was going to go to bed.. and Freedom called with WATER BROKEN.. so i went to the hospital.. There is just NOT a better experience!! Freedom did amazing!!! and Gabe was a Rock~~ what a good daddy!!!
GOD is sooooo amazing!! Watching a baby be born is so .... can't even think of a word!!

WOW... Wow!!

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