Monday, September 1, 2008

Fun at the Park...

We decided Labor Day would be more fun if we actually left the house ;) SOOOoooo we headed up to the park with the kids bikes and walked/rode around!! A is almost at the point where we can take off the training wheels... and C is getting much better at riding on grass~~ which is a good thing where we live :) hahahhahhaha
The park is sooo nice... A's birthday party there is coming soon!!! They love the park and C gets soooo sweaty-- and A gets SOOOO pink and flushed :) I love it!!! Jim jumped on Caleb's bike and the kids had a blast chasing them~ I don't know if you have ever rode a child's bike .. but when you can't sit down.. WOW>>> MAN it burns the legs!!!

Then we saw Marcus and Erika and their beautiful boys-- walked over to watch the soccer team and saw Sandy and Matt --some old friends... stayed awhile... then went to Wendy's so the little ones could eat :) and then to Wal-Mart for a couple more office supplies!! :) YAY for new business..

Enjoy the pics.. and of course more will be on

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andBABYmakesFOUR said...

Wow! That foto of Caleb on the climbing wall is really great!
I heart you!