Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I think this is hilarious!!

Ok.. so when you go outside here in EnGedi Farmland :) :) you MUST wear shoes... especially now that we have a dog that can not make it very far from the front door in the morning! The best shoes i have discovered are Jim's new boots.. THEY ARE PERFECT.. nice and high so no itchy grass.. slip right on without socks.. sturdy.. just perfect. EXCEPT-- it drives him CRAZY. Which i do understand, as they are not cheap boots, but his "dress" boots. BUT-- there they sit, right by the front door beckoning me to put them on to chase the dog (or Josiah) whichever sneaks out first!
So today-- My amazing husband-- comes home with a surprise for me ... THESE!!!

ARE they not perfect!! It does not bother me that he bought me these to get me away from his.. I do see a near future where i will put his on.. :) Well .. just for a laugh!!!

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elaine said...

i loooove them!!!! love the pics!