Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First Play-Doh day..

Ok.. so i have started to blog so many times, but don't have time to sit and edit.. so this is unedited, raw, and well.. just me :)
:)I have SOOOo enjoyed today.. I really miss just being home all the time, so i am trying to make the most of my time home.
Unfortunately the house work
still piles up and i spend many hours cleaning and scrubbing (we've had a flu bug) and washing laundry... but TODAY
I played with my camera and my boy!!!
Josiah is sooo full of energy and today we decided to try play doh!!! HE LOVED it.. We also set it all up outside~~ which he is such the outdoor boy! Needless to say, Today was AWESOME!!! Even got some shots of the dog.. who i have a feeling was fed some play doh.. we'll see soon!! :) There are days-- many of them-- where i am humbled and proud at the same time!!
How do i have such a life!! I LOVE my life... the kids, the man, the cross, the
girls, my cell, my family, my church, my ... uhhum farm.. yes i love the farm :) :)

I know i do not Thank my Father enough~~ so Today i live in THankFULLness
of my gifts in my life!!! :)

Ps.. ANNNNDDDD i get to hear my favorite speaker Friday.. Ravi Zacharias.. WHat What!!! :)
AND yes.. Both Josiah and i APPARENTLY love plastic boots!!!

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