Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!

We are so excited of the year to come!!! I rarely get Christmas cards out, as it tends to be a photographers busy time of year from October - December for Christmas cards.. so I try to make New Years cards... Although today was way too cold.. Lil Sy was sooo not up for it at the start.. note picture below :)

I did get some quick but good shots.. may try
again sometime soon and just mail some pics to the family and friends who would like some :) ahahhah
Some new things for the Sellers family this year..
The Largest will be the launch of En Gedi Ranch

More details to come.. but it has caused some changes to our routines!! :)
Starting tomorrow (Hear the ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
we will all be getting up early~~ Jim and Caleb will go out to the farm and milk the goat, feed the chickens, and whatever else is needed for the day.
During this time, Aubs and I will cook breakfast and complete on

My evening job sometimes gets me home after
e chore! Josiah will.. well... probably play or try to help cook! During our family breakfast time we will read a devotional or something to that effect! I am excited
and nervous at the same time.
1... so those mornings will be interesting!!!
I am excited to see what this year holds..
We are ready!! Getting in the Game on all sides!!!
Excited to read through these books as part of my goals..more goals to come!!
Our year of THRIVING!!!

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