Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Family... From China...

Our Family Thanksgiving.. as mentioned before was a BLAST!! :) so many great pics.. but only have room for a couple of them! The first is of course me and one of my big brothers.. i hear that we look alike often.. i just don't see it.. To me he is the spitting image of my dad!! Well, without the gray hair.. SO far :) :)

Ok.. so i have to brag a little :)

My new little niece is just amazingly adorable~~ i am sure i will have more pics up soon but this will have to do :)

ANd the last is one of caleb.. who is now singing.. all i want for Christmas is my 4 front teeth :) ahahhahaha

I love it though.. he looks sooooo cute!!

More to come.. :)

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