Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fun with Mondays...

Ok.. so i decided to spend the whole day cleaning ... DEEP cleaning after we have had guests, and have been on the go go go..
SOOOooo after overhauling aubrey's room and rearranging her play doh and paints~ she decides she wants to paint. SOOOO i of course said yes, BUT i put it all outside :) She had a blast.. i loved the point where she was being super creative and wanted to combine all the colors to see what happened.. she found she LOVES the brown fall like color!! :) OF course her creations are on our wall.. THe other silly thing~ which i just love the pics~ was when she took the icicles package and put it on her head like hair... either that or it is a pom-pom and she is a cheerleader!! I am actually now bidding on an Alabama Cheerleading outfit ;) hehehee

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