Sunday, November 23, 2008

LeBlanc Thanksgiving...

The LeBlanc Family
The turkey before...The Turkey After:
I AM A SUCKER for family functions~ I believe God has given me a great love for family and this was the first time in years my side of the family got together~~ ALL of us.. Nephews, Sister, Cousins, Nieces, Great nieces, Mother in laws, Deb's family.. and more!! I LOVE having fun with people who share my DNA!! :) ahhahaa
My bro made a Kickin~ well not so kicking anymore but yummy~ turkey and an amazing ham. The rest of us brought tons of food, which was good with all the people that were there :) the first to go was the mashed taters and corn :) i know.. for many that is a weird combo thing to have at a thanksgiving.. but hey-- tradition is tradition!! Next year we will need to have more than 10lbs. of potatoes~ WOW!!!
I made some meals ~ all recipes from Mema Sellers... And they were a HIT!! :) woohoo for good cookingand good teaching!! The food was UNBELIEVABLE in amount and taste!!! Always good with a Coke too :) we all talked about what we were bringing or making.. but i think there was more..

We also had a game of football :) it was soooo much fun!! :) i am sore already though!! and wearing dress clothes with borrowed Nike's. I didn't get the memo to bring a change of clothes :)

WOW.. what a great day
Thank you bro for opening your house and cooking A TON!!

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Katie said...

aww and wow, thats a lot of people. =] I didn't realize there were so many of you! Wait, isn't it early for thanksgiving?? lol