Saturday, June 9, 2012

OHHH how I LOVE this kid!!!

I have a BRILLIANT 10 year old!! Not just in school, but in so many aspects!! For all that he has accomplished this year I promised him a Disney day for just the two of us! I am not really sure who was more excited-- me or him-- AND THEN i decided to take him on Star Wars Weekend!!! I am kind of a closet Trekky and Star Wars fan!!! I don't dress up or anything crazy-- no offense if you are someone who does :)
but i do love the movies and the shows!!
SOOO much fun. I have missed spending the one on one time with the kids... Totally excited summer is here!! We had a blast... these pics are from his camera, that i obviously stole from him over and over!! :) But he took his share too.. I love these moments.. These Memories are like Photographs on my heart forever
More to come.. but gotta post the pics ;) :)

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