Monday, August 22, 2011

In a Blink...

During our amazing Disney vacation i encountered a surreal moment.
I was walking toward our room on Friday night after an amazing day at the Disney parks. I had Josiah on the hip, Aubrey holding my hand, and Caleb leading the way-I looked back at Jimmy and smiled... My heart was overwhelmed by my life...
12 + years ago-- i could not have even Imagined or Dreamed this wonderful life!!! I was so desperate for one child, that i could not even dream beyond that! The desperate prayers, the over the top research on infertility, and the monthly agony of defeat took its toll on my ability to dream. That time, which seemed like a forever desert, was erased instantly by two little lines showing up on a stick!! :)

Words seem too small to put to the emotion of how i love my life!! That moment will be forever etched on my heart and mind, as a constant reminder of how My God is a Dream builder. Maybe not on my time schedule but definitely on His. I could NOT have dreamed a better life for myself in any alternate universe!!

Caleb- my world changer-- my genius, superstar, athlete, with the sensitivity needed to be guided by the Spirit... Such a handsome boy! So unaware of his abilities and future ahead!! -- my first miracle!

Aubrey- my Mother of Nations-- her love and ability to impact peoples heart is phenomenal. Her affection for arts, dance, (dancing sarah) babies, and people are so apparent in her! Spend 5 minutes with her and you will be in love and in the presence of a Gem!! My little gem!!

Josiah- my Fearless Boy Wonder--my little leader and warrior! His love for music.. and i mean all things music not just guitar Amazing!! He will stop anything he is doing to listen or see music!! My favorite phrase, "Keeko Mommy"!! He has stolen my heart!! You can see in him a love for life, and all things boy!
Jim-- my love, my bestie, my heart-- This man is in all respects amazing!! I challenge you to name something he can not do {besides give birth :) } He is an amazing teacher, father, husband and provider!! He has introduced me to things i could never have imagined doing, nevertheless loving-- Offshore fishing, skiing, having our own garden, and "farm". He has taken this city girl to new ideas!!!
All this to humbly say: I am beyond Blessed!! A woman able to Dream and live out those dreams!!


Suzie said...

I love this! It brought tears to my eyes :) I love the Sellers!

Legendofsellers said...

Thanks Suzie!!! it took me awhile to put it on paper!!