Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some May Moments...

Soon i will have more pictures of Caleb when he will finally be home with me more over the summer... I love that he loves school~~ but there are days i miss him being home playing :)
These are some May pics and our going abouts :)

This is Aubrey holding her favorite little Rio... She is so good with little ones. She has the patience of ... well i dunno... more than her mommy!! He is such a cutie patootie!!!
Last Saturday we had a Birthday party to go to... actually the biggest Prego Brain fart YET!! It is THIS saturday!! :) OIY so the kids were all dressed in bathing suits ready to swim... and we were a week early... SOOO we had to find something fun to do :) Aubs on the swing with daddy pushing... yelling the WHOLE time faster DAD!!! Caleb kept running from me with the camera ;) silly boy..

Our first garden... I say ours like i do anything but cook what comes out of it ;) hahahaha!!! It is so yummy!! We have had Squash and Green beans... tomatoes to come, and bunch of other stuff :) Jim had the kids help him plant some more peas!! Aubs is ALWAYS up for being outside with daddy helping with the chickens or garden.. Caleb on the other hand LOVES air conditioning :) He told me once before he chose basketball as a sport because it is indoors :) hahahha Not that he does not play outdoors :) he just likes his air :)

Some pool moments with daddy... Mommy was just coming from a photo shoot so i took some pics of them swimming :) Yay for Family with pools!! :)

My silly little girl!! :) cheesin it up!!!

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