Thursday, May 14, 2009

A little bit of May

OOOH how i love my garden!! I say My like i do anything but cook what comes out of it :) hahhaha ... And to think soon we will have chickens laying eggs!! If you had told me 20 years ago i would have the best husband ever, have chickens, and a garden that i eat from~~ i would have reminded you you were talking to a YANKEE!! :) But i have learned a TON from My married into family!! :) Next year we are doubling the size and selling it!! :) anyone interested!! :)We have had quite the full year already!! C is finishing up his year at school which he is kind of sad about.. ??? i don't ever remember that feeling :) ~~ A is ready for summer to start so she can start her dance classes... and possibly singing with Gracie~~ hopefully we can get C with Micah for some piano.. and some sports too :)
We love Sea World and Aquatica... not sure how often we will go as the belly grows and the thermostat RISES!! OIY!!! i have already seen some swelling in my hands and feet on hot days! But we had a family day recently and had a blast.. cool water felt great!! :) The kids are so fun and full of life!! I LOVE IT!! I hope they can remember these days!! A couple of pics from the day... The kids area is sooo awesome.. and i can just sit in the cool water and watch them play! MUST bring the Bullfrog though~~ no other seems to work as well!!We also had a Mothers Day Cupcake making night with our favorite Coco~~ We decided to try to decorate with fondant!! SOOO much to learn~ I was sad that i never took a picture of the final product~ it was quite late :) and we made a mess~~It was soo fun though!! We even made all our own icings!! :)

The other day Aubs said, "Daddy dance with me!" it was sooo cute!! i have a feeling this will someday make it's way to the picture slide presentation at her wedding!! I love my kids and am so excited to see the personality and fun of Baby #3!!! No names for sure yet... We like Josiah, Logan, Bryce... and...??? irgh!!

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