Saturday, April 4, 2009

First Gifts for Baby...

Our first gifts for the wee one.. who is enjoying KICKING my bladder!! :) The first was from Aubs, she just HAD to buy the baby something~ even before we knew the gender~~ :) I have no idea where she gets it!The second gift the outfits and hats was what Aubs and I bought to give Jim and Caleb the day of the doctors ultrasound~ A loved the trickery of wrapping in pink/ then blue/ then pink/ then in a box/ then pink/ then blue... and so on!! She was soooo excited!!The last is from Aunt Dorothy.. she was soooo sweet ~~ little burp cloths..
Thanks for being excited with me over our Little Legend a comin~~

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JL_Harris said...

I think I started buying stuff as SOON as I found out I was pregnant. And even without knowing the sex yet, I still managed to go to Babies R Us at least once a week Maybe because it's so close. ;)