Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Busy but FUN days

Life has kept us quite busy lately~~ We have been out in the evenings doing church things so we have tried to keep the weekends fun time with the kids. We have done some cheap-o fun things though... First..well we have chickens~~ they are finally out in the garage and not in our home! Man they were STINKY!! and i smelled them a tad bit (ALOT) sooner than Jim. :) They have grown FAST!! Aubrey loves them :) she is our outdoor queen!!

We have picked strawberries at a super cool Pick your own Strawberry place here in Lk Cnty ~~ WE PICKED WAY TOO MANY.. :( We were not able to eat all of them before they went bad, but we did have our share of strawberries those next 3 days. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner!! :) hahahaha

We also picked carrots from Grandaddy's garden and ate them... That (i thought) that was SUPER COOL!! Althought my son Caleb is slightly silly when he sees me taking his picture!! :)

This past weekend we went to the park in Mt.Dora for some play time... We played on the playground, walked on the path through the "woods" and then sat by the "lighthouse" for some pictures! :) The kids SERIOUSLY RAN the entire time.. i was sooo tired just from watching them!! :) OIY
Baby #3 is growing by the day!! How do I know!! BECAUSE I AM!!! hahahhaah We may get to find out the gender on Sunday via a friend from Church. I am just ready to see the baby again...
Any guesses????
MANY more pictures on www.fotki.com/legendofsellers

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Woodard Gang said...

Sounds like y'all are having great family fun on the weekends :) My guess is......GIRL....