Wednesday, February 26, 2014

SOOO much time...

So much time has passed since i have had a functioning computer to do some blogging! So here is a quick recap of 2014 thus far:
I have too many jobs to name that keep me insanely busy (wouldn't have it any other way) so I will keep that info simple
Sy and I had a play date at Disney where he got his face painted by Cousin Rachael~
Sy then started school this past January and he LOVES it~ he is an incredibly smart little guy! Aubs is full swing into dance and it keeps us (and our car) super busy! She is part of an amazing dance company that promotes healthy self as well as exercise and expression.  Caleb is, as usual, smart as a whip and loves to run. He is now playing trumpet at school and ready for more!
Every year the entire Sellers clan spends a family day together ~usually at Disney~ This year due to weather we had a change of plans and ended up going bowling! SOOO MUCH FUN!!! I did not win ~ no shocker there! But we laughed and joked and ended up at Uncle Jason's for some dinner!
More to come soon! :)
love having fun as a family and being involved in some non profit things this year. Our fave is Aubs has helped with a couple conferences this year using dance. Another is the True Life Choice Clinic... these help keep us busy and impactful.

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