Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Birthday BLUR!!!

So many to thank.. 
So much to say.. SOOO many amazing gifts... :)
So I will do what I do best and show through pictures :) :)

THIS amazing wreath is from my Uber talented friend Vanessa... She even added cinnamon oils to make it smell heavenly. The funniest part is she came over a bit early on Sunday and cleaned the front door. AS IF i am putting this anywhere outside!!! :) :)

OH My heavens do I LOVE THIS!! Our "Grand Foyer", which is what i call the new connection entrance Jim is building, is almost done!! It really needed a chandelier. I FELL in love with this one from Pottery Barn.  Lo and Behold, I go to my morning cell group on Tuesday and this GINORMOUS box was brought in. Thank you sooo much ladies for this amazing gift!!

Ok.. so i have adopted a new Spiritual Son named Eli. I was so touched when he brought these BEAUTIFUL roses for me on Sunday!! This is the picture today!! STILL blooming!!

I forgot how much i Adore candles.. this was my treat from Mom Sellers.. Fall has arrived in the Sellers home!!

my amazing birthday balloon.. and yes.. that is a Boa!! :) Thanks Esther!!! :)

.. so many more amazing things happened, and were spoken over me that i have no pictures of :) 
This was such a great Birthday!! Thank you to everyone who spoke, cooked, bought, drove, or did anything so i could have this amazing week!!!  :) 
Much Love and Thanks!!!

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