Wednesday, March 23, 2011

another AMAZING spring break

I don't know if it is just me.. but i LOVE having my kids home from school~~ It makes me think that i would enjoy homeschooling.. but there are days :) where i just don't know!!We spent yesterday at Disney with Jules, thanks to my amazing friend Joyce-who is always so willing to sign us in~ anywhoooo It was an amazing and beautiful day!!! Perfect weather, perfect evening.. We started at Epcot and went to the countries, played some Kim Possible, watched some performances, rode Spaceship Earth, and then off to Magic Kingdom. Josiah was with us but most of the time on my back, which is difficult to get a picture of to say the least!!! We rode Pirates, went on the Big White Boat :) and Calebs favorite-- Laugh factory!! It was pretty funny i have to say.. We left around 9~~ Josiah and Aubs were OUT before we left the property!! And even my eldest fell asleep on the way home.. They sure are heavy when they are asleep these days!!!
Today we decided to stay home, "We" being all was 1 against 2 on going somewhere though! :) They would go go go go all the time if they could!! :) So we played on the back porch
with whatever we could find..bubbles, a tin, and water~~ nothing finer for my kids!! :) We even got Nana to come outside for a small period of time~~ had to put the tent up though.. She is not so loving the sun these days :) Daddy is home with us tomorrow so we are hoping to do the beach.. he came home today and surprised the kiddos with our first female goat! OIY.. but they are so excited.. she is quite shy and not ready to be pals yet!! They will not stop until she is though!! hahaaah
I have a page I follow for updates and their last posting
has touched me deeply!! We really do take time for granted and me being the planner i am~~plans for months that i wish i thanked God more often for!! Please feel free to join me in prayer for Trey and his family as they fight this disease!!! and be thankful to our Amazing
Father that we are here, healthy, and able!!! Have an amazing Wednesday evening.. off for family time~~ (dinner) :) :)

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