Tuesday, July 22, 2008


If you ever need some furniture.. there is a fabulous furniture store.. I LOVE antiques... but i also love the contemporary/ clean/ straight lines... HOW DO YOU DO BOTH???
I don't know yet.. but i bought it anyway :)
My NEW/OLD wardrobe closet...
I will eventually strip it and bring it back to its original mahogany wood... But I couldn't wait to put it in the house!!! I would have had to keep it in the garage until I was done!! So i decided to wait~! Isn't it beautiful though...
I was actually quite shocked Jim was interested in letting me buy it!! :) i am thrilled with it!!
At some point

I was taking pics so i could show Jimmy, but he decided to come by and see it... Aubrey was my "ruler" and was giving me an idea of how tall it was... I LOVE the drawers inside... :) WOOOOOOOoooOOHOOOOOO

IS she not a Q-T!!

PS.. yes she has pink hair still :)


Katie said...

how is the house coming and the expansion?? I miss you guys!

Woodard Gang said...

love the new furniture!! i love to mix old with new as well...makes it less matchy matchy (very professional term :o) but i think adds some character as well! btw...my new camera is a nikon d80...LOVE IT!!